wasps are here 

June 2023 Its that time of year for ways to emerge left alone they are fine, I have been to jobs were handy men offer to treat at a cut price, the one I remember was a man taken to hospital after he decided to put his bike gear and helmet on and got over 25 stings, he did not get paid and was  very lucky, that are so dangerous, I joke wit my customers that I have been stung all over from head to foot its a art of the job, my dad used to sat after I got stung and say I'm not treating wasps anymore if you can't treat a wasps nest you can't do pest control 

Rat in your trousers

I remember my dads story of how a rat ran up in house trouser leg, yes dad we heard this before we would all say as he went into detail of a furry rodent running up his trousers and him being not bothered until his friend hit is with a stick. I was in a pub yard checking a rat box when the landlord enquired how's your dad? not sen him for a while . I said he's good I treat here now and he is in the office drinking tea and complaining how he is so busy and never gets a break. Did he ever tell you the story of their rat in his trousers? Oh no he tells the customers this story too, yes lots of times, but don't believe him he makes things up, it's not he said I saw it ! now this is fun I thought I will get the truth. he said your dada and hid friend were chasing a rat around the yard and it ran up inside his overalls, he just stood there and said to his friend hit it Fred hit it. Poor fred was not sure was it better to try and risk missing and hitting my dads leg? he paused and the rat went up over and then down the other sid. I have to admit I never believed him but I do now.

Mouse in the house

As the days now get shorter mice will come in your home looking for somehere to live and get food. i remeber years ago listening to a professor on  atraining course tell us that mice look cute to some and horrible to others, he went ton to say that if mice were your neighbours they would be the neighbours from hell. Its important to stop mice before they get out of control, we have the products that can deal with mice and then we will block the gaps this will keep mice from returning in the future.