October 2019

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"We are the only company that offers 18 Months guarantee"

Pest Control by genuine experts 

This month we have seen an increase in the number of calls for mouse infestations, we are different from other companies as we are family owned and operated, we treat your problem as many times as needed (minimum of 3 visits). If the mice come back we do too free of charge, Our prices include a 3 part treatment and give you a 18 months guarantee

Clothes Moths are treated using plant derived natural products this is a safer option cutting down on the use of nasty pesticides. We offer a guarantee too so you can feel assured that your home is safe.

Squirrels, they are cute to look at in the garden or at the park but can be a big problem in your home. I have seen a loft space where a fire started due to wires being chewed. We will remove the squirrels from your home and then block the holes. Our work is fully guaranteed for Two years after the final visit . 

Garden Ants will swarm when the temperature reaches twelve degrees, the sterile female know as workers will spend their day looking for food and water to feed the nest. We use a product that is fantastic at eliminating the nest at the source. 

What our Customers say ......

  Got rid of all the fleas as promised!! Highly recommend!! (Matthys Eltham August 2019)

Had an ongoing mouse problem roger cleared it for us in next to no time.  (Dr Singh Dulwich July 2019)

I was heavily pregnant and asked Roger to deal with a rat problem, he was amazing cleared the problem and provided us with peace of mind (Lindsay Greenwich June 2019)

We had an ongoing mouse problem roger cleared it for us in next to no time.  (Dr Singh Dulwich May 20189)

recommend Critter solutions. Great friendly service and I feel really satisfied with the service provided. (Natasha Lewisham April 2019)

 Brilliant got rid of our mice (Lisa Herne Hill March 2019) 

Thanks Roger!and Oscar have been brilliant and the unwanted mouse visitors to my flat are all gone now Abigail February 2019)

Roger & Oscar cleared my home of mice super quick (Emma January 2019)

Brilliant got rid of our mice (Lisa Herne Hill December 2018) 

Efficient effective and discreet (Terry Dulwich November 2018)

 Roger knows his stuff a real gentleman (Claire Lewisham October 2018)

I called lots of companies and settled on Critter Solutions a wise move and highly recommend Dixie Sidcup September 2018)


Mice will enter your home through opened doors and windows, air vents or from the loft area or adjoining properties. We carry out a thorough survey and will establish where the mice gained access and then find the extent of the problem, with this information we will begin to work a program to remove the mouse infestation from your home, after the work is complete we will block the access points and provide a 18 months guarantee. 

Garden Ants 

Garden ants are become a problem when the nest temperature reaches 8 degrees, sterile female worker ants will forage looking for sweet food to take back to the nest .

Wasps Nests

Wasps Nests  If you discover a nest it may not be safe to remove and should be dealt with by an expert.


Cockroaches tend to be mainly 2 types German Cockroaches and Oriental cockroaches, there are many different types but in UK these are the most common. We can use a highly effective cockroach gel that will eliminate the cockroaches at the source, the gel is very discreet and can be applies safely while you are at home.


Fleas your dog and cat will bite humans too, the flea actually cannot stomach human blood and will feed on us but shortly after vomit it back up. Fleas are common in a property where a cat or dog may have lived, fleas can survive for around 12 months with a blood meal, fleas will hibernate until a host is present.


Rats are a major problem both inside and outside rats will damage far more food and property. Rats carry diseases and need to be removed humanely and effectively,

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We treat Mice, Rats, Squirrels  Cockroaches, Ants, Fleas, Wasps Nests and offer a full 18 month guarantee  we cover Lewisham, Deptford, Greenwich, Brockley, Hither Green, Forest Hill, Dulwich, Catford, Bromley

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